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About Us

Blitz Handyman Peter and his team have been working hard to achieve goals for his clients. Peter has found his niech in this evergrowing and evolving industy, there is no job to small and this is the market that has no or very little flutuations in the economy, as a growing business Peter is trying to focus on growing the business and hopes to one day have a team of competant and skilled persons to move the business into the future. every endevour is made to achive total fullfillment in all parties invloved.

There is a real inspriational and profesoinal approach that has to be taken, and a simple policy of aim to please, and treat clients as you would be expected to be treated.

Blitz Handyman started its humble beginings in 2010 and since then Peter has worked hard to achieve a regular client base that has been fruitfull and fullfilling, some times things dont go to plan although perseverance and determination have been the key to a great success , we have acertained that the clients have see and understand the care and attention that is  taken to achieve work to the highest standard.